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TikTok Inspired Tortilla Wrap by @naturalspoonfuls

15 mins

Olive Oil, drizzled
2 Eggs
1 tbsp Milk of choice
1 Wrap
4 Cherry Tomatoes, sliced
1/8 Red Onion, sliced
1⁄4 Avocado, smashed
Harvest Snaps Tasty Toppers – Parmesan & Black Pepper

1. Heat a frying pan and drizzle with oil.
2. Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl and add to pan. Using a spatula, scramble eggs to your liking.
3. Make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to one edge, fill each quadrant with fillings, one section will be scrambled eggs, then red onion, then tomatoes, then avocado with tasty toppers scattered though.
4. Fold the wrap up into a neat triangle. Option to place in a grill or sandwich press to toast wrap or simply enjoy fresh.

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